Social Donkeys exclusive NFT community is comprised of 1,300 unique Donkeys from GEN 1 and 2,600 3D Donkeys from  GEN 2 made with pure love and passion. Each one of them is a unique piece of art randomly assembled by code and will reside on the safe landscape of Solana Blockchain.




To form a compassionate global alliance for vulnerable species living a life of chaos and disarray.

Social Donkeys club will be a safe zone society, where with the help of our supportive community we will work towards a world where donkeys and other vulnerable species can live free from suffering, and their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

As part of Gen 1 collection we donated and adopted many donkeys via Donkey Sanctuary and which we will continue to do as part of Gen 2 collection.

Hence, we can't wait to welcome each one of you to this super community and join us all the way to an exciting future.

3D Drop

  • Our next gen 3D SD NFT drop is next in line and expected for a launch in the coming month.
  • Each verified SD NFT holder will qualify for 1 Free 3D SD NFT.
  • Total collection of 2,600 3D SD NFT will be made available on Solana Blockchain

Holders Rewards IDO Pool

  • Right after 3D launch, the team will commit 50% of the total Mint revenue to a number of well-known IDO launchpads in order to have the opportunity to have guaranteed participation in the upcoming investment pools. This level of investment will allow us to have guaranteed investment opportunity with reasonable contribution limits. To start off we have Trustpad, Gamestarter, Seedify, Solanium, Velaspad on our list however the community can also recommend a few that they believe in as well.

    We will also commit $20,000 in the IDO Investment pot on day 1 after launch which will allow us to invest right away.

    Investment Pool - Refill:
    50% of total royalty earned from both 2D and 3D secondary marketplace will go in the IDO Investment wallet to utilise the funds at maximum on all the upcoming IDOs.

SD Token & Game

  • Stake and Earn $SD Token - Whilst this is at an early stage but the team is exploring options to add real utility to the token which if the holders earn should have monetary value attached to it. We will not make a token just for the sake of it with no value like many projects but this will only be executed once we have a clear understanding of its benefit which we are currently working on and will share this will community eventually.


    Metaverse - We all so fond of it and can not wait to have a piece of it. However, we will be realistic as to how we approach this. Currently, we have touched base with a few Devs and keeping a close eye on projects providing the Metaverse infrastructure for Solana Eco system. And as soon we see an opportunity to get the ball rolling, we will go ahead with exploring various options and get the community to decide its future.
30+Body Types & Colors
120+Clothes & Accessories
100m+Unique Possibilities


What's a SD NFT

Social Donkeys NFT is a unique collection of artwork which is hand drawn and systematically generated using code.

SD NFTs aim to represent a community that will be seen by the world as those taking action for cruelty against vulnerable species of our planet.

SD NFTs will provide an ecosystem that whilst rewarding holders, will also represent a sign of social aid from the community towards helping the nature.  Besides future Airdrops of our new collections and supporting various charitable organisations across the globe, our aim is to create streams of income to benefit each holder through Merchant Stores, Royalties, Giveaways and immanent play to earn Game.

How to Mint?

Social Donkeys will be available to Mint through Mint Authority which is Magic Eden's launchpad. For further guidance check our 'How To Mint' section on Discord.

The official link for Minting will only be available through our 'Discord Announcement Channel'.

Will there be a Pre-sale?

YES - Kindly follow our Discord server for more details.

When is SD NFT launching?

The team is working very hard to ensure that we have a smoothest of launches. For that reason the actual date is TBA.

Estimated Launch : First half of April 22 but could be sooner. Everyone in the Discord will be notified at least 7-10 days prior to the actual Minting.

How much will it cost to Mint?

0.99 SOL

How long after the initial Mint my SD NFT will be revealed?

Once the Mint is concluded, you'll be able to trade them on Magic Eden within an hour.


7.5% of total royalties from secondary marketplace will be split so 50% goes to IDO Investment refill pool. Remaining 50% will go to the creator to in order to  support the projects longevity.

When will the Rarity Chart made available?

Rarity chart is available on our discord server dedicated channel and also available via Raritymon.com.
For 3D collection it will appear in similar fashion within 24 hours of launch.

What are the benefits of being a SD NFT memeber?

First and foremost thank you so much for your support and believing in this project. 

Being a member of this community will mean so much to our planet. You are not just getting a Cool NFT but you are going to be representing an exclusive community who cares for the living beings.

Our team is so thrilled and excited to execute each single step of our milestone together with our community.

Join the community, play your role, relax and get ready for Moon.