Social Donkeys exclusive NFT community is comprised of 6,666 unique Donkeys that are hand drawn with pure love and passion. With over 150+ traits, each one of them is a unique piece of art randomly assembled by code and will reside on the safe landscape of Solana Blockchain.


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To form a compassionate global alliance for vulnerable species living a life of chaos and disarray.

Social Donkeys club will be a safe zone society, where with the help of our supportive community we will work towards a world where donkeys and other vulnerable species can live free from suffering, and their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

Each NFT sale will help the community in adopting a real world donkey and help them be part of Social Donkeys club. For each Social Donkey NFT you Mint, you will also adopt a donkey and provide medical, food & shelter aid for them.

That being said, we want our community members to be the heart of this project. Therefore, we are building an Eco-system that will have rich incentives for our holders. This will also create an opportunity for significant rewards being earned passively.

Hence, we can't wait to welcome each one of you to this super community and join us all the way to an exciting future.


  • The concept of 6666 Social Donkeys turning into reality by team of talented artist and developers.
  • 100 SD - NFTs reserved for the team and advisors in order to help us in giveaways and other promotional activities.
  • Launch :
    • Website
    • Twitter
    • Discord
  • Begin marketing  and promotional activities to grow a dedicated and passionate community.
  • Once the entire collection is tagged and ready for deployment on Solana Blockchain, we will make an announcement of our official Mint date 7 days prior to the actual Mint.
  • Whilst we are already in contact with various marketplaces, the community will be made aware of any progress as we go along. Our main trading platform 24 hrs after the mint is expected to include one of the major platforms, such as SolanArt, Magic Eden, Digital Eyes, Solsea and Alpha Art.
  • Conducting strategic analysis meetups with focused groups to attain foundational data in order to execute post launch milestones.
  • Initiate production phase of our second drop, which is due next on the roadmap.

25% Mint

  • Early adopters to be rewarded, where 10 random holders from initial mint will be selected for an exclusive airdrop of a free SD NFT directly to their wallet.

50% Mint

  • Adoption of real donkeys by the community will take place where we will make our first donation to rescue 3,333 helpless donkeys from hopeless situations across the globe and arrange aid for them.
  • 10 Social Donkeys NFTs + 1 SOL each will be randomly airdropped to SD NFTs holders.

75% Mint

  • Exclusive members only club where 100 SOL will be added to a mutual wallet which will be used for sweeping the floor and other marketing incentive as voted by the members in exclusive VIP-Arena (DAO).
  • 15 random holders will have the Mint price + 1 SOL sent back to their wallets.

100% Mint

  • Total adoption and our second donation will provide shelter and food aid to 6,666 real life donkeys.
  • 10 random holders will be sent $1,000 each to their wallets.
  • 2 Lucky Holders will receive $15,000 each. Condition: Mint 2 or more SD NFT to enter in this draw.
  • 1 Lucky Holders will receive $30,000. Condition: Mint 3 or more SD NFT to enter in this draw.

Lift off

  • The super charged boosters has been ignited, and we are up and running. A Ball Room welcome party for all the verified  holders in our exclusive VIP-Arena. Here members will take part in Giveaways and Voting on utilisation of community funds starting with a pot of 100 SOL.
  • The idea behind our project is to grant our holders a privileged position of gaining consistent long term rewards by creating a unique Eco-system for them.
  • Merch Store will get underway to kick start the passive reward cycle for the holders. The owner of each NFT will receive 75% profit share from each sale. Imagine owning a rare one?  
  • Next collection!! Holders from our 1st drop will have exclusive pass to Mint one for free. This collection will form part of the story line and roadmap.
  • Whilst we already have this in motion, we will announce this in due course, that we will be working with some well- known PR companies to gain media exposure on our movement towards kindness to animals that concerns a massive following on our planet.
  • Ongoing awareness campaigns and partnership with various Charitable Organisations.
  • Birth of 3D generation. We have a team of amazing artists and digital enthusiast who have years of experience in gaming space. The concept of 3D art will be designed with its in-game utilisation in mind. The actual Mint of 3d Art characters will be available for Mint for existing holders at a discounted price and remainder will be offered in our Public Sale round. A % of Mint revenue share from 3D  drop will be shared amongst the holders of full collection from all 3 drops.
  • Beta testing and initial reveal of our 1st Play-2-Earn game on PC & Mobile.
  • Pre Game Launch: YES!! we are aware and we could reprioritise our roadmap and work on this earlier!! But the launch of $SD Coin will ensure its utility through our gaming marketplace where users will be able to trade various in-game traits and existing SD NFTs holders will get Free Token Airdropped on launch adding to their passive rewards.
  • Based on our initial concept discussion meeting with the creative team we expect our initial Game Demo to be out in Q2 2022.
30+Body Types & Colors
120+Clothes & Accessories
100m+Unique Possibilities

Fair Distribution

With no price tiers, each mint and SD NFT will cost the same for everyone.

There are going to be 100 SD NFTs withheld from initial minting by the team, which will of course be distributed back amongst the community as part of our regular giveaways. 


More than $50K in rewards at Mint exclusive for SD club members.

VIP access to future drops representing other endangered species entering our club.

20% of total royalties to be distributed amongst loyal holders each month.


What's a SD NFT

Social Donkeys NFT is a unique collection of artwork which is hand drawn and systematically generated using code.

SD NFTs aim to represent a community that will be seen by the world as those taking action for cruelty against vulnerable species of our planet.

SD NFTs will provide an ecosystem that whilst rewarding holders, will also represent a sign of social aid from the community towards helping the nature.  Besides future Airdrops of our new collections and supporting various charitable organisations across the globe, our aim is to create streams of income to benefit each holder through Merchant Stores, Royalties, Giveaways and immanent play to earn Game.

How to Mint?

Social Donkeys will be available to Mint through Mint Authority which is Magic Eden's launchpad. For further guidance check our 'How To Mint' section on Discord.

The official link for Minting will only be available through our 'Discord Announcement Channel'.

Will there be a Pre-sale?

No - The sale will go live for everyone on 7th Dec at Mint Authority Launchpad.

When is SD NFT launching?

The team is working very hard to ensure that we have a smoothest of launches. For that reason the actual date is TBA.

Estimated Launch : End of November but could be sooner. Everyone in the Discord will be notified at least 7 days prior to the actual Minting.

How much will it cost to Mint?

0.8 SOL

How many can i Mint per TX?

There is going to be a maximum mint limit of 10 SD NFT allowed per wallet in our Public sale.


How long after the initial Mint my SD NFT will be revealed?

Once the Mint is concluded, you'll be able to trade them on one of the major secondary marketplaces, such as SolanArt, Magic Eden, or SolSea within the next 24 hours.



Unfortunately, in light of new updates around securities, we will not be providing automated resale royalties to holders.

However we will ensure the community is rewarded in one way or the other. Therefore 20% of secondary market sales will be airdropped to 20 random holders each month as part of our giveaways. Whilst another 20% will be held in a community wallet where verified holders in our 'Exclusive Members Arena' will be able to vote and decide on its utilisation to support various charities in addition to activities supporting the progression of the project.

What is a Rewards Calendar?

Rewards Calendar is a  summarised view of how holders of SD NFT will benefit from being part of this amazing community.

The Calendar will initiate right after the Mint is concluded.


When will the Rarity Chart made available?

Rarity chart will be issued within 24 hours once the Mint is concluded. 

What are the benefits of being a SD NFT memeber?

First and foremost thank you so much for your support and believing in this project. 

Being a member of this community will mean so much to our planet. You are not just getting a Cool NFT but you are going to be representing an exclusive community who cares for the living beings.

Our team is so thrilled and excited to execute each single step of our milestone together with our community.

Join the community, play your role and we promise, you are going to be amazed with the developments we have in the pipeline for this project. Relax and get ready for Moon.

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